LEM spare parts

The BFT LEM operator for sliding gates is one of the best-selling models of the well-known automation company. Always used in residential applications, this operator, no longer in production, has been produced in various versions:

  • LEM7
  • LEM8F

Precisely because it is no longer in production, this category includes the DEIMOS motor, which can replace the LEM. Unfortunately, the two operators do not have the same ground anchor bracket, so a small adjustment will have to be made on the LEM bracket to fix the DEIMOS and above all not to replace it. There are still many spare parts available for this engine, but not all, in this category you can find all the original spare parts that BFT still distributes for this engine. From a certain period onwards, BFT stopped producing the LEM with a drilled shaft, i.e. with a through pin that blocked the pinion, and started producing the LEM with a flattened shaft. In the product sheets for these parts you will find all the information you need to choose the right part for your engine.

Many LEM spare parts are compatible with the COMPAT operator.

LEM spare parts

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